Essay on Donald Trump and His Performance as the President

The office of the president of the United States of America is an important position not only in the United States but also in the world. For this purpose, presidents of the United States portray the rule of power through democracy. However, Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States of America is one of the most controversial presidents the United States has ever elected. He distinguished himself through the primaries of the Republican Party by avoiding the political correctness known in American’s electoral process.

Donald Trump also became close to extremists and most underprivileged communities. He went against the political establishment of Washington DC and mysteriously won the election. For some, Donald Trump is considered a bad president, but for others a good president. This duality in judgments plays the central role in the essay below.

Essay About Donald Trump: The Good, the Bad, and the Trump

It’s a generally accepted concept that the president of the United States of America should be a good influence in America and around the world. Does Donald Trump comply with this idea?

Donald Trump was elected because most people considered him as the savior of the United States’ economy. In fact, most businesses owners left America to establish branches in other countries mostly China, Mexico, and Bangladesh for cheap labor. As a result, many people lost their jobs, and the unemployment rate has increased in America. Also, by violating trade rules and agreements, the Chinese communist government, known for its corruption in business deals, caused the United States to lose billions. Therefore, Americans felt the need to elect someone who has more experience in business and trade. Donald Trump met the desire of most Americans because he is a successful businessman. He promised to create new jobs and bring back American businesses located overseas.

Furthermore, Donald Trump decided to change laws regarding immigration. America is known for receiving immigrants legally. However, some immigrants have managed to enter the country illegally because of weak border security. The most powerful countries in the world must have solid borders and good immigration laws. According to Trump, some immigrants are exploiting the system by working under minimum wage and taking the place of Americans. Other immigrants come to the United States with wrong motives. They are mostly criminals and drug dealers. Trump’s ideology is to openly address immigration issues and regulate immigration laws to the advantage of Americans. One of the best things he proposed is to select the most qualified immigrants for America to gain a skillful and competent workforce. For this reason, the majority of Americans elected him in November 2016.

A stronger nation must have the strongest military. In fact, the American military’s budget has been reduced under many presidencies. Previous American presidents chose to invest more in the development of infrastructures, energy, businesses, and researches. They thought America can overcome any challenges. However, September 11th, 2001 had shown that there are new enemies and the battlefield has changed. Donald Trump promised to increase the military’s budget so that the United States’ military stays well equipped and ready to face any enemy. Moreover, American allies who depend on their protection will be safe and will not sick protection from dictatorial regimes. The world, therefore, will be more stable as America plays an essential role in the preservation of the world’s peace.

Equally important, the leader of the democratic world should have decent moral standards. He needs to differentiate himself from authoritarian leaders who are usually involved in various scandals. Yet, before and during the electoral process, Donald Trump was accused of many unethical behaviors. First, he was suspected of letting the Russian government be involved in American’s election. It was said that the Russian government provided him with allegations concerning other candidates. Second, he was involved in many extramarital affairs whereby, some women revealed to the media that Trump bought their silence after sexual relationships. All these events have put tension between Trump and the media. Indeed, Trump’s behavior is unethical according to American’s values and beliefs which require from the president of the United States a leadership by example.

So Is Trump Good or Bad for America?

In essence, Trump’s motto: “Make America great again” has drawn many people to elect him as the 45th president of the United States of America. His policies have shown his good intention in creating better employment opportunities for American. In fact, his plan to modify laws and regulations regarding immigration, business and trade will benefit the United States in several ways. Likewise, by succeeding to increase the defense budget, the United States and its allies will be safer more than ever. Yet, Donald Trump’s misconducts and lack of knowledge in politics have wounded his presidency. His extramarital affairs and his battles against the media have portrayed him as a dictator.

It should be noted that the office of the president of the United States of America must be respected. Anyone who disregards this office is not a good president. Therefore, though Donald Trump’s policies are good, his leadership is bad for America.

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